Unique Lofts for Sale NYC

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SoHo NoHo & NoLiTa Lofts for Sale

luxury loft sale soho nyc 2500sf

Greene St. $5.2M $4.9M
2BR/2BA 2600SF
modern loft for sale Soho

luxury loft sale manhattan nyc

Greenwich St. $6M $5.2M
3BA/2BA 3900SF
classic loft for sale SoHo

modern loft sale nyc broker rebates

Mercer St. $8.5M $7.8M
4BR/2BA 4000SF
classic loft for sale Soho

live work loft sale soho nyc

Greene St. $7.5M $7.4M
3BR/3BA 3000SF
modern artist’s loft for sale Soho

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TriBeCa Lofts for Sale

live work unique loft sale Soho

Washington St. $6.4M $4.6M
3BR/3BA 4000SF
classic loft for sale Tribeca

industrial loft sale 2000sf tribeca manahttan

Greenwich St. $5.5M $4.9M
3BR/3BA 2500SF
classic loft for sale Tribeca

warehouse loft sale tribeca nyc

Hudson St. $5M $4.7M
3BR/3BA 2800SF
classic loft for sale Tribeca

open loft 2000sf private outdoor space sale manhattan

Washington St. $5M $4.8M
3BR/3BA 2400SF
unique loft for sale Tribeca

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Greenwich Village Lofts for Sale

open live work loft sale Meatpacking 3000sf

West 13th St. $5.5M $4.5M
open loft 3200SF
artists loft for sale West Village

open live work loft 3000sf sale nyc

East 10th St. $4.8M $4.5M
3BR/3BA 3000SF
unique loft for sale Greenwich Village

warehouse loft sale 3000sf manhattan

Greenwich Village $5M $4M
open loft 3000SF
unique loft for sale Greenwich Village

live work loft sale greenwich village manahttan

Greenwich Village $4M $3.5M
2BR/2BA 2300SF
unique loft for sale

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West Village Lofts for Sale

live work loft sale west village nyc broker rebates

West 13th St. $4.2M $4M
2BR/2BA 2000SF
modern loft for sale Meatpacking District

industrial live work loft sale meat packing district ny 3000sf

West 12th St. $5.5M $5M
3BR/2BA 3200SF
modern loft for sale West Village

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Chelsea Lofts for Sale

open loft for sale chelsea broker rebates

West 22nd St. $3M $2.6M
2BR/2BA 2200SF
modern loft for sale Chelsea

warehouse loft sale chelsea 2000sf nyc

Seventh Avenue $3.3M $3.1M
3BR/3BA 1900SF
classic loft for sale Chelsea

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 Flatiron & Gramercy Park Lofts for Sale

live work loft sale manahttan

West 24th St. $6M $5.5M
4BR/3BA 4000SF
industrial loft for sale Flatiron

live/work open loft sale flatiron 2000sf

Broadway $3M $2.6M
2BR/2BA 1600SF
unique loft for sale Flatiron

unique loft sale manahttan broker rebates flatiron

East 17th St. $2.8M $2.7M
open loft 2000SF
classic loft for sale Flatiron

open industrial loft sale flatiron broker rebates

West 29th St. $2.9M $2.8M
2BR/2BA 2200SF
unique loft for sale Flatiron

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Midtown Lofts for Sale

warehouse loft sale 3000sf manhattan broker rebates

Clinton $3,200,000
3BR/3BA 3200SF
industrial loft for sale Midtown West

warehouse live work loft sale 3000sf nyc

Clinton $2,700,000
open loft 3000SF
industrial loft for sale Midtown West

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Loft living is a quintessential NYC way of life.  Unique to the NYC, classic industrial and artist’s lofts have one major characteristic: open space.  NYC apartments are tend to be cramped rooms with halting proportions, low ceilings and no closet space.  NYC lofts are the opposite: cut from old industrial buildings, they are spacious, open and architecturally pleasing with large casement windows, historic detailing and sweeping high ceilings.

Historically, NYC lofts were considered bohemian and sexy, even romantic.  In the 1970s, most of NYC loft residents were artists and craftsmen attracted to former factory and warehouse loft buildings by cheap rents, large spaces and load-bearing floors. Historic loft buildings had only basic plumbing, unreliable heating and questionable sanitation.  They were not zoned for residential use and did not conform to fire and safety codes.

Today, NYC lofts are still sexy and romantic but certainly not bohemian.  Occupied by a second or third generation of tenants and zoned for residential use, they are no longer cheap but also do not present any existential hardships.  

The best unique industrial and artist’s lofts are located in SoHo and TriBeCa.

Unique SoHo Lofts

SoHo means South of Houston Street. It contains the area between Houston and Canal Street, west of 6th Avenue. A large part of is in the Cast Iron Historic District and boasts the greatest collection of cast-iron oft buildings in the world. In the second half of the 19th Century, cast iron was used as a decorative front over older industrial buildings to attract commercial tenants. Ornamental cast iron molds could be prefabricated in foundries, which made them a cheaper alternative to brick and allowed for rapid building construction. The pliable character of iron was conducive to the manufacture of intricate designs and ornamental window frames, often modeled after classical French and Italian architecture.

As the NYC economy and manufacture declined, the newly vacant commercial lofts began to attract artists seeking cheap rent and large work spaces. In blatant zoning violation, the new residential tenants took over abandoned factories and warehouses and converted them into illegal live/work lofts. The first zoning laws, which permitted live/work for artists, were passed in 1971.
Today, SoHo consists of roughly 500 buildings, many of which retain their historic industrial character and cast iron architecture, which makes them one of the most unique lofts not only in NYC but in the entire world.

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