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Unique Lofts for Sale NYC

Soho Lofts for Sale

industrial loft sale soho nyc

unique Soho loft for sale 1800SF $2.5M

live work artist's loft sale soho nyc

Artist’s Soho loft for sale 3300SF $6.1M $5.3M

see more Soho lofts for sale

TriBeCa Lofts for Sale

open loft 2000sf private outdoor space sale manhattan

Washington St. $4,300,000
2BR/2BA 2200SF
loft with private roof for sale Tribeca

modern loft sale Tribeca NYC

Hubert St. $2,600,000
open loft 2000SF
unique loft for sale Tribeca

see more Tribeca Lofts for Sale

Greenwich Village Lofts for Sale

live work loft sale greenwich village manahttan

Greenwich Village $4M $3.5M
2BR/2BA 2300SF
unique loft for sale

see more Greenwich Village Lofts for Sale

West Village Lofts for Sale

live work loft sale west village nyc broker rebates

West 13th St. $4,200,000
2BR/2BA 2000SF
modern loft for sale Meatpacking District

open live work loft sale Meatpacking 3000sf

West 13th St. $5,500,000
open loft 3200SF
artists loft for sale West Village

see more West Village Lofts for Sale

Chelsea Lofts for Sale

industrial loft sale Chelsea NYC

West 17th St. $3,600,000
3BR/2BA 2400SF
unique loft for sale Chelsea

live work loft sale chelsea

West Chelsea/Clinton $2,900,000
2BR/2BA 2800SF
industrial live/work for sale

Flatiron & Gramercy Park Lofts for Sale

industrial live work loft sale flatiron 3000sf

Live/Work Flatiron loft for sale 2700SF $2.7M $2.6M

unique loft sale manahttan broker rebates flatiron

Classic Flatiron loft for sale 2000SF $2.7M

see more Flatiron & Gramercy Park Lofts for Sale

Midtown Lofts for Sale

warehouse loft sale 3000sf manhattan broker rebates

Clinton $2.9M
3BR/3BA 2600SF
industrial loft for sale Midtown West

warehouse live work loft sale 3000sf nyc

Clinton $3.2M
3BR/2BA 32000SF
industrial loft for sale Midtown West

see more Midtown Lofts for Sale

Townhouses for Sale

Upper East Side, Upper West Side, West Village, Greenwich Village

and Midtown East

one family townhouse sale exclusive buyers broker nyc

Upper West Side townhouse
for sale $17,500,000

2 family building for sale NYC

Upper East Side townhouse
for sale $3,900,000

mansion sale celebirty broker nyc

West Village townhouse
for sale $17,000,000

see more townhouses for sale

Unique Lofts for Rent NYC

live/work open loft rent 2000sf manhattan soho

Classic SoHo loft for rent $10,000

best celebrity broker lofts nyc

Industrial Loft for Rent Flatiron $10,000

see more lofts for rent

Commercial Lofts for Rent NYC

open industrial loft space rent manhattan

commercial loft office space for rent Chelsea

open industrial loft rent manahttan office space

commercial loft for rent Greenwich Village

industrial loft rent commercial space manhttan

Greene St.
commercial loft for rent Soho

live work open industrial loft rent manahttan

commercial loft for rent Flatiron

see more commercial lofts for rent

Brooklyn Brownstones for Sale:

Williamsburg, Cobble Hill, Carol Gardens,

Bushwick, Bedford-Stuyvesant & Park Slope

best investment deals brooklyn mansion for sale $2,600,000 fort greene

Carlton Ave. Fort Greene $2,600,000

best brooklyn brownstone sales monroe st $1,300,000

Monroe St. Bed-Stuy $1,300,000

Park Slope investment brownstone under 1 million dollars

Stuyvesant Heights Brownstone for Sale $995,000

vacant building sale brooklyn best investment deals bed-stuy

Bed-Stuy vacant brownstone for sale $1,200,000

see more Brooklyn Brownstones for Sale

Brooklyn Unique Industrial Lofts for Sale 

Brooklyn Heights $2,400 2BR/2BA 1600SF unique townhouse loft for Sale Brooklyn

Unique loft for sale Brooklyn Heights $2,400,000

live work artists loft sale williamsburg

Artist’s loft for sale Williamsburg $2,000,000

Unique Loft for Sale

Unique loft for sale Brooklyn $1,300,000

artist's loft sale greenpoint williambsurg dumbo

Unique loft for sale Brooklyn $1,600,000

see more Brooklyn lofts and luxury condos for sale

Real Estate Investment

– Vacant Buildings for Sale NYC

vacant building sale investment lower manahttan

Lower East Side loft building for sale $15,000,000

the best real estate broker nyc townhouse for sale for real estate investment nyc

Vacant Townhouses for Sale NYC

see more real estate investment properties

OHM is a discrete exclusive buyer’s broker specializing in unique lofts, vacant single and multi- family townhouses and investment building for sale, rent and real estate investment.   Our boutique brokerage offers confidential real estate services to a wide variety of private clients including international investors and the film industry.

Our loyal clients receive a broker’s rebate equal to 20% of the broker’s commission and up.  We will add your rebate to Contract of Sale and pay at the closing.

Broker Rebates – Cash Back for Loft Buyers

broker-rebates-cash-back-homebuyers-exclusive-broker-manattan-3Broker rebates are cash payments from real estate brokers to their clients in the form of a portion of the commission received from the real estate transaction.  While New York real estate brokers cannot share their fees with unlicensed parties, which includes paying referral fees, they are completely free to offer cash rebates to their customers.

Negotiated commissions, known as broker rebates, have been around since 1975 but, until very recently, many brokers claimed that they were illegal.  To clarify the situation, in April of 2015, the New York Real Property Law was amended to conclusively codify broker rebates.  The relevant text of Section 442 on broker rebates reads as follows:

[n]othing in this section shall prohibit a real estate broker from offering any part of a fee, commission, or other compensation received by the broker to the seller, buyer, landlord or tenant who is buying, selling, exchanging, leasing, renting or negotiating a loan upon any real estate including the resale of a condominium or cooperative apartment.  Such fee, commission or other compensation must not be made to the seller, buyer, landlord or tenant for performing any activity requiring a license under this Article.

The typical broker fee on sales in NYC is 6%, payable by the seller.  The seller’s broker and the buyer’s broker share that commission 50/50, so the buyer’s broker receives 3% of the total purchase price.  On a $2M sale, the buyer’s broker would receive a $60,000 broker fee.  Broker rebates are typically calculated based on some percentage of the broker fee and can result in thousands of dollars being returned to the buyer.  So not only does the buyer not pay a broker fee in NYC, they can also receive a portion of their broker’s commission – a very nice housewarming gift.

But broker rebates are not available from most large brokerage firms in NYC.  Because of the necessary commission split with their firm, already taking a large portion of their fee, the majority of brokers are not willing to cut any additional deals with their customers, often citing “house rules.”

While drastic commission discounts or large rebates often indicate a business model based on volume, not quality, which in many situations could defeat the purpose of using a real estate broker in the first place, a cash rebate is always a very nice gesture from your real estate broker.  Instead of the typical Tiffany crystal, why not get a chunk of cash and buy yourself a real housewarming gift, such as new kitchen or bath.

How to Beat the NYC Real Estate Market – 3 Easy Tricks


nyc confidential buyer's broker celebrities soho

NYC real estate market is uber competitive

 1.  Be Ready with a Professional Offer Package including a Financial Statement, Conditional Mortgage Commitment and a Bio

The difference between a pre-approval letter and conditional approval is that mortgage pre-approval means absolutely nothing.  The bank is not required to offer financing based on a pre-approval letter.  The seller knows this.  A conditional commitment letter means that you are Approved, pending compliance with specifically stated conditions.  If you know that you will definitely get financing, you can make a mortgage non-contingent offer, which gives you an edge against foreign all-cash real estate investors.  Most of the time, a mortgage non-contingent offer is as good as an all-cash offer.  While NYC artist’s and industrial lofts present unique challenges for financing, a good NYC buyer’s broker will help you get a conditional mortgage approval in a short period of time.

A good buyer’s broker will also help you fill out a Financial Statement disclosing only what’s necessary and prepare a professional offer and a short bio for the seller. Sellers want to see that you are serious, committed, ready to close and, most importantly, that you are the right buyer, both financially and personally.  And they want to see it in writing. Brokers who call or text to make an offer automatically put you at a disadvantage.  In the highly competitive NYC real estate market, every single detail can make the difference between your getting your dream NYC loft home and losing out in a bidding war.

2. Blow the competition out of the water by offering over “ask price” – for a limited period of time.

Many unique lofts, townhouses and even new construction condos in NYC sell in bitter bidding wars.  A biding war is a negotiation against yourself – you are fighting in the dark, have no idea how high or how low the other bidders may go and ultimately risk either overpaying or losing out on your dream home. The best way to deal with a bidding war is to strike early, before your competitors have had time to put together their offers.  By offering a little over the asking price, for a limited period of time, you control the situation in that the seller has no time to wait for more offers or do another open house.  It’s a take it or leave it situation, in which you have the upper hand.

how to buy artist's loft soho nycTo prevail, you need a good buyer’s broker to show you the listing as soon as it comes on the market, preferably before the open house, help you figure out the real value of the property as well as the probable price at which it will actually sell, and then present the deal to the seller so that it is irresistible.


3. Don’t Reject Co-ops even if you are a foreign investor.

confidential buyer's broker nyc celebrity

Artist’s Lofts in SoHo are 90% co-ops


NYC Co-op Boards have a pretty tough reputation but many have quietly started to relax their rules in recent years so don’t summarily reject all co-ops even if you are a foreign investor.  Manhattan real estate is almost 80% co-ops, which means you are restricting yourself to 20% of the market if you insist on buying a condo.  A good buyer’s broker will weed out the tough co-op boards and show you buildings compatible with your goals and situation.  A professionally prepared Board Package and expert advise on how to tackle certain inevitable issues is vital.  The best buyer’s brokers will draft reference and bio letters for you, present you in the best possible light and coach you for the Board interview so that you can open yourself to a whole new realm of possibilities in the co-op market.

Recently Sold NYC Lofts

raltor to the stars best unique lofts nyc

Tribeca $3.7M 
industrial loft for sale

3br/3ba classic loft sale soho

Soho $6M
artist’s loft for sale Soho

jay z beyonce loft tribeca

Tribeca $3.8M
industrial loft for sale

best real estate investment NYC

Chelsea $2.5M
open industrial loft for sale

unique loft for sale 3000sf $2,700,000 manhattan

Soho $2.8M
industrial live/work loft sale

discrete buyer's broker nyc

Soho $3.9M
industrial live/work loft sale

unique lofts nyc discrete buyer's broker

Greenwich St. $3M
Aritst’s Loft for Sale Tribeca

unique artist's loft for sale Chelsea Nyc $1,400,000

Chelsea $1.4M
artist’s loft for sale

discrete buyer's broker film industry celebrity broker nyc loft sale

Tribeca $2.3M
industrial loft for sale

discrete buyer's broker unique lofts nyc

Greene St. $8M
artist’s loft for sale Soho

adjacent contiguous loft sale international investment nyc

Chelsea $4M
industrial loft for sale

live work loft sale broker rebates nyc 3000sf

Broadway $2.4M
unique loft for sale NoHo

discrete buyer's broker manhattan

Franklin St. $6M
unique loft for sale Tribeca

best celebrity broker nyc artist's lofts film industry

Crosby St. $8.5M
artist’s loft for sale SoHo

exclusive buyer's broker unique lofts

Chelsea $1.7M
live/work loft for sale Chelsea

discrete celebrity realtor nyc

Lafayette St. $3,100,000
 modern loft Greenwich Village

best lofts sale nyc celebrity broker

Fifth Avenue $2,600,000
unique loft Greenwich Village

exclusive buyer's broker unique lofts nyc confidential real estate transactions manhattan

East 3rd St. $1,600,000
unique loft Greenwich Village

celebrity realtor loft nyc

East 16th St. $5,000,000
industrial loft for sale Flatiron

celebrity soho loft sale nyc

Howard St. $3,500,000 unique loft Soho

unique lofts nyc celebrity buyer's broker

Broome St. 3,900,000
industrial artist’s live/work loft Soho

best celebrity broker nyc

Lafayette St. $3,500,000
live/work loft for sale Soho

discrete buyer's broker foreign investors nyc

Greenwich St. $2,700,000
unique loft for sale Tribeca

new construction luxury loft sale astor place

1400SF open loft $3,500,000
modern loft sale Greenwich Village

unique lofts sale greenwich village discrete buyer's broker

2BR/2BA 1600SF $3,000,000
unique loft for sale Greenwich Village

luxury live work modern loft sale tribeca nyc

3BR/2 BA 2400SF $4,650,000
modern loft for sale Tribeca

open live work loft sale 3800sf 4br/4ba manhattan

Hudson St. $5,700,000
industrial loft for sale Tribeca

industrial townhouse loft sale manhattan

East 10th St. $1,400,000
unique loft for sale Greenwich Village

industrial loft sale manhattan

Bleecker St. $1,900,000
unique loft for sale Greenwich Village

artists' unique loft sale nyc

East 13th St. $4,000,000
unique live/work loft for sale Greenwich Village

realtor to the stairs best lofts nyc soho

Broadway $2,800,000
2BR/2BA 2300SF
live/work loft for sale Soho

best unique lofts sale Chelsea

West 24th St. $1,400,000
live/work loft for sale Chelsea

celebrity broker best lofts soho realtor to the stars

Crosby St. $2,900,000artist’s loft for Sale Soho

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